9 Tips When Decorating The House You’re Renting

September 1st, 2021

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"content_area": "\r\n\r\n9 Tips When Decorating the Home You’re Renting\r\n\r\nWhether you’re a lifetime renter, or you just need a place to stay while you house hunt for your dream house, we think it’s still important to show your home some love.\r\n\r\nJust because you don’t own the property doesn’t mean you can’t have it nice. Here are 9 things you can do to make sure your pad is perfect:\r\n\r\nAlways Ask for Permission: First thing’s first and if you intend decorating your rented space then before you go ahead with any decorating or lasting changes then please ask your landlord if it’s ok first because you don’t want to lose your deposit.\r\n\r\nTweak the Small Things: Once your landlord has given you the go ahead to freshen up the place then make a list of small things you can do that won’t cost you a ton of money and won’t leave any lasting impressions on the property.\r\n\r\nPaint the Walls: The cheapest and easiest way to transform your rental is to paint the place. Stay away from bold colors and instead stick to neutral colors that make the property look light and bright. A freshly painted property will not only look good but feel fresh and clean too.\r\n\r\nPut Down a Rug: If you are a bit fed up with the flooring in your rented apartment or house then one of the best things to do without breaking the bank it to buy an oversized rug that will tie your room together. Plus, when you leave, you can take it with you.\r\n\r\nAccessorize: One of the best ways of making your rented accommodation feel more like your own home is to accessorize. Buy cushions, throws, mirrors, plants and ornaments and dot them all about the place to make it feel more homely.\r\n\r\nUse Stickers: If your landlord draws the line at you wallpapering and tiling then don’t worry because you can buy stick on tiles and wallpaper that both look great but are also not a pain to remove if you need to once you leave your rental.\r\n\r\nCommand Picture Hooks: Picture hanging strips are locked in and hold tight and are perfect for your artwork in a rental. And, if you need to take them down, then they come off the wall cleanly leaving no holes or sticky residue.\r\n\r\nUse Bookcases Instead of Shelves: Try not to put up shelves in your rental because that will leave big holes in the walls and that might mean you not getting your deposit back. Instead use free standing shelves or bookcases to store your things.\r\n\r\nBuy Some Statement Furniture: Ok so maybe you can’t do much with your surroundings or your landlord isn’t keen on you decorating, well that doesn’t mean you still can’t transform the property by adding some statement furniture to it. Buy a bed with an oversized headboard, invest in a sofa that you can also take with you to your next place or pick up some cabinets or side tables that will make you feel at home while keeping the landlord happy.\r\n\r\nIt can be easy to put your own stamp on your rented accommodation when you know how! Just simple changes can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the place and allow you to feel more at home in a property you don’t own.\r\n\r\nIf I can help further, whether you are a tenant, buyer, landlord or seller, please just get in touch.\r\n\r\nJohn Murray, powered by eXp UK on 01233 885180 or john.murray@eXp.uk.com”,
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