Sold stc in 1 Day – Other Agent Marketed for 7 Weeks!

July 13th, 2021

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"content_area": "I listed this lovely home on the portals at 2359 hours on Friday 9th July 21.\r\n\r\nOn Saturday 10th July I booked 6 quality, qualified viewings for Sunday 11th July, each at 30 minute intervals, between 1130 and 1430 hours.\r\n\r\nOn Monday 12th July I had received 2 offers stc OVER asking price, and sale is now agreed, with Memorandum of Sale issued on 13th July.\r\n\r\nQuality marketing attracts the best audience and add a full property walk-through video for success:\r\n\r\nhttps:\/\/\/dashboard\/property-report\/4-remus-close-ashford-tn23-3py?access_key=bab55effe1b139cc25bd614241543e4815ad9eba0f24d8f3d279d82e9c59e19f\r\n\r\nSignificant point: this home had been on the market with another local agent for 7 weeks up until 2359 hours on Friday.\r\n\r\nMy Clients wish to purchase and have seen a home they may be interested in – on the market with another agent. I have completed a detailed market appraisal on that property to assist my Clients in their decision-making process.\r\n\r\nI help people MOVE, not just sell.\r\n\r\nDare to be different!\r\n\r\nIf you are thinking of moving, please do give me a call – not all agents are the same! Not all agents are NAEA Propertymark qualified to sell peoples' homes!\r\n\r\nJohn Murray, powered by eXp UK on 01233 885180 – 7 days a week!\r\n\r\n“,
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