New Service Offering – Modern and Traditional Method of Auction

15 March 2022


Modern and Traditional Methods of Auction – New Service Offering for Clients

Wooden judges gavel on a computer keyboard, receding view with focus to the head with its brass decoration conceptual of online law enforcement and auctions

I am delighted to announce that, in partnership with I Am Sold, I am now able to offer Modern Method AND Traditional Method of Auction for my Clients.

Certain properties, and certain Seller circumstances, really lend themselves to auction and the service offering now available to my Clients is second to none.

Here is my Seller’s Guide for my new service, a huge benefit being the 0% fee to the Seller, as the Buyer pays the fee: Auction Seller’s Guide

If you are considering buying at auction, there are certain financial and timescale commitments you will have to adhere to.

Here is my Buyer’s Guide for this new service,  to give potential Buyers all the information they need to get started: Auction Buyer’s Guide

If you would like an ‘at a glance’ timeline comparison between Modern Method of Auction and the traditional property sales route of ‘By Private Treaty’, it is here: Auction Timeline

If you would like to know more about selling your property by auction, please do have a look at the information enclosed and if you have any questions, I will be most happy to help.