Instruct a SKILLED estate agent…

2 November 2021

Knowledge and Skill

Choose a SKILLED estate agent to handle your prized asset – your home!

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One of the top criteria all home sellers and buyers seek when choosing their estate agent is one who has great knowledge and expertise and really does know what they are talking about.

Estate agency is a skill and unfortunately, there are too many people working within it who are unskilled or untrained.

Please fully research the agent you are thinking of using and one you can TRUST, based upon performance and demonstrable levels of skill.
Ensure they are a Member of the National Association of Estate Agents, holding a national qualification in estate agency.

Check out their Google Reviews!

Have a quick look at my estate agency youtube channel, where I show the various skills I trained out to agents across the country for the previous 3 years to over 500 agents, prior to re-starting my own estate agency business once more in August of 2020.

Then give me a call and let me help you with your move, at service levels that will simply delight you!