Ashford Business In The Park

Welcome to ‘Ashford Business in the Park’ videos, where I meet local business owners to help them promote and connect with a wider audience, to help them widen their exposure to the wider community and ideally, win more business.

It is my way of ‘giving back’ to local Ashford, Kent business – it takes time, but I really enjoy it!

I am now also growing a wider not-for-profit network of ‘Business in the Park’ leaders and individuals, connected through a central website currently under construction, where we can build a network of like-minded business people who care and who are willing to help one another grow each other’s business, and who offer outstanding levels of service to our customers as our common bond.

If interested in getting involved in ‘Business in the Park’, either as a leader or as a business owner/participant, who would like to be interviewed and promoted in this way, please get in touch!

The video below is my Ashford Business in the Park meeting with Dr Theodora Nelson, a practicing GP, about her own business, Dt T Nelson Aesthetics.

Harley Street trained, Dr T discusses the various treatments she offers Clients on a private basis.

If you have a business local to the Ashford, Kent area, and would like to take part (free of charge) in Ashford Business in the Park, please just get in touch with me, John Murray, powered by eXp on 01233 885180.


The video below is my meeting with Ralph Ellerker and Susie Sence, and their company Ellerker Sence Recruitment Ltd (www.ellerkersence.com) 

Even though you may not be located in Ashford, I hope you can take time to watch this, as Ralph and Susie work with large national companies and can help place people throughout the UK, as well as here in Kent.

Social Enterprise Kent (www.SEKGroup.org.uk)

In this episode, we are meeting Social Enterprise Kent (www.SEKGroup.org.uk) and two ladies from that organisation, Maxine Deacon and Gina English.

Social Enterprise Kent is a Community Interest Company (CIC), registered with, and regulated by, the CIC Regulator. This means that all of our operational activities are guided by a commitment to maximising our positive social impact in our target market – local people, communities and businesses.

They have been in operation for over 35 years, with the overarching vision of “Improving Lives, Supporting Communities”. There are four pillars of Social Enterprise Kent: Education and TrainingSocial Enterprise SupportCommunity Support, and Employment Support.

If you are unsure exactly what a social enterprise is and does, watch this video to gain a better understanding.

As a social enterprise, they’re all about making a positive social impact in communities, including individuals and businesses.

Destra Engineering Ltd (www.Destra.co.uk)

On this occasion, I have moved from the park to the Cobbs Wood Industrial Estate.

Did you know there is a manufacturing company that has been in Ashford since 1973, and which now exports locally manufactured goods to Taiwan, and that one of their customers via Taiwan is Walmart, the American multinational retail company?

Please do watch this video, with Sarah Williams, one of the owners of this plastic injection moulding company – Destra Engineering Ltd (www.Destra.co.uk).

Richard Bloom Hypnotheraphy (www.RBHYP.com)

This edition is Lisa Bloom discussing her business run with her husband Richard Bloom (www.RBHYP.com).

For 30 years Richard has been a hypnotherapy practitioner helping hundreds of people overcome so many different personal issues, including anxiety, depression and addictions, and also helping people to break through their glass ceiling on to success.

Richard has also helped many in the NHS to cope with the traumas they undergo, including the Covid-19 pandemic.


This edition highlights Samantha Hemphill and her business, Present2Past Genealogy (www.Present2Past.co.uk)

Family history research companies typically promote a very different service to Samantha’s approach, whereby they search by number of generations, rather than by years – meaning Samantha’s research could uncover more generations.

Samantha will endeavor to trace your family roots back as far as she can – typically at least back to the early 1800s or late 1700s. Samantha is often able to work back further, if the data is available and time constraints allow. This means you get more information for your money, compared to other research services.

Have a watch and see the passion Samantha has to help people trace their family roots!