Buyers – did you know…?

December 6th, 2021

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Buyers, did you know a whopping 69% of home purchasers have been stung by hidden costs when buying a home?

Just wanted to post this as I have received a number of enquiries for property over the past 2 days and just wanted to really highlight this point to help buyers.

Never has it been more important to sit down (telephone call / Zoom call) with an INDEPENDENT broker to go through a full C.O.M.A. – Cost Of Moving Appointment.

A ‘whole of market’ independent broker gives you great advice, is not working to external targets and is on YOUR side – they really do help.

As well as gaining a Mortgage Agreement in Principle, they can go through conveyancing quotes with great LOCAL, INDEPENDENT conveyancers as part of the process, life protection policies and insurances and basically give you the total cost of your move, so you 100% know your budget in advance.

Then, being legally and financially prepared in advance of viewing, you can offer in confidence, you are in the best position possible and have a higher chance of an offer being accepted.

I refer to mortgage and life brokers I know, like and trust. Likewise conveyancers. I have established relationships with them and they are fantastic.

Crucially, I do NOT receive a referral fee – it is a recommendation based purely on outstanding levels of service to help buyers and sellers alike.

20% of a transaction is getting an offer accepted, whether you are a buyer or seller.

80% is about getting to exchange of contracts and completion.

I excel in helping people MOVE.

If you are a buyer, please get in touch and let my network of property professionals help you. If you are a seller, talk to me ASAP about my Boxing Day Launch initiative to help you beat the market!

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